Contact info
+45 27 45 91 08


Hello, my name is Louise F. Andersen. I currently live in Copenhagen, Denmark with my boyfriend and cat.

I am a 3D character animator with extra skills. Illustrating, modeling, texturing and a little bit rigging. I consider myself an all-round graphic artist. I am very passionate with what I do, and it is important to me that things are done the best possible way. Playing with animation, colours and graphics is fun for me, but I take my job very serious and I don’t quit until my work is done! I just enjoy making things look great ;)

Working experience

I have spent a year and a half at the former RadarFilm. Here I worked as a 3D animator, 2D artist and render wrangler on their feature film "Sunshine Barry and the Disco Worms".
I have been involved in a few indie games, including "Plantman".
I am currently working at Laerdal as 3D character animator



Technical knowledge and software

Maya, 3DS Max, Motionbuilder, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, HTML and CSS codding, Microsoft Office, Wordpress.



In my spare time I do lots of graphics, both personal and volunteer projects. I am the illustrator for the roleplaying convention Viking-Con, where I have been responsible for creating posters and magazine illustrations the past seven years.

Besides the graphics, I have a big interest in animals. I am the proud owner of a Munchkin Persian mix (an odd-looking cat). I also have a couple of aquariums, where I breed fish. When I don't do graphics or look after my pets I play video games. I own a large collection of consoles and games.

I also enjoy watching animated films and series.